Monster Sticks

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Monster Sticks

Unlike traditional hockey stick manufacturers, the team at Monster saw a more economical way of delivering a professional quality product. Through a direct to consumer business model and no professional endorsements they offer one of the lightest one-piece sticks on the market for half the price. Our team helped position the new brand as the understated, direct, and professional player in the market.

Work completed at Pilot.

Chris Ford – Strategy
Kelly Rice – Design

My Role:
Creative Direction
Art Direction


The Challenge

Monster needed to set itself apart from the pack. With a unique business model, and substantially lower price point the rookie brand needed to instill confidence in the most discerning of hockey players.


The Solution

The visual identity was strategically designed to rise above the noise of competitors. Paired with a minimalist color palette, and a photography style that brought hockey back to it's roots, the visual identity became a differentiator and much needed breath of fresh air for the market. The tagline "Stick to Performace" was developed to embody Monster's quality-first approach to developing hockey sticks.


The product design followed the same minimalist strategy as the branding. Only essential information was incorporated into the design to position the stick as a no-frills, quality alternative to current industry leaders. The matte gray and  black color palette allows for the bold "M" and Monster wordmark to pop off the stick.   


A simple eCommerce website was developed to round out the project. To further tell the Monster story across various areas of the site, a minimalist illustration style was created. A photoshoot was directed documenting actual players using the to provide the Monster team with social media content.