Great Circle Coffee

Great Circle came to market with the goal of leading the burgeoning craft coffee industry. Pilot kicked it into “high test” territory.

Role: Strategy, Naming, Creative Direction
Additional Creative Direction: Bill Concannon
Design: Sean Morse


Great Circle Coffee

Great Circle saw an opportunity to make positive contributions across the complex coffee world. Our team helped tell their story to position the coffee startup as the bold and passionate, yet approachable new kid on the block.

Work completed at Pilot.


Bill Concannon – Additional Creative Direction
Sean Morse – Design
Eric Levin – Photography

My Role:
Creative Direction
Art Direction


The Challenge

Owner Sergio Boppel needed help bringing his coffee startup to life. With the initial name Cane Coffee, the startup roaster was having a hard time finding it's position in the crowded specialty coffee industry.


The Solution

Our team worked with Sergio to establish the brand's mission statements, personality, and values to articulate a clear message and brand story. After gaining a thorough understanding of Sergio's vision it was evident that a new brand name would better communicate the company's mission.

The name Great Circle was chosen due to it's reference of the brand's "high tide lifts all boats" philosophy, as well as the earth's equator – a line of latitude that runs through many coffee producing countries. 


The final brand mark drew inspiration from the cross-section of a coffee bean and used the forms of a G and C to create an iconic heart. Paired with a condensed typeface the logo took on a friendly vintage aesthetic.  


The packaging system leveraged approachable colors to easily distinguish single origin, blend, cold brew, and decaf coffees. The bright labels positioned each coffee as an exciting choice for aficionados and mass market consumers alike.


A Shopify website was built which allowed the Great Circle team to manage individual and wholesale orders. To unify various product images a newsprint technique was developed. The provided image templates allowed for consistent a photography style regardless of photographer, lighting, or other variable conditions.