Bad Pigges

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Bad Piggies

Following the dramatic success of Angry Birds, mobile game developer Rovio needed help maintaining their brands across internal and external partners. Our team traveled to Finland to better understand Rovio's challenges and the logistics behind their processes. A robust set of brand, marketing and licensing guidelines for Rovio's Bad Piggies was kicked off to ensure global consistency for the launch of the new game.  

Work completed at Pilot.  

Bill Concannon - Creative Direction
Himanshu Sharma - Illustration
Chad Gowey – Illustration
Eric Levin - Photography

My Role:
Art Direction


The Challenge

As the Angry Birds phenomenon took the world by storm, the birds and pigs quickly become the most counterfeited brand in the world. Without established guidelines for each I.P. Rovio struggled to maintain brand consistency and distinguish official products from their illegal knockoffs.


The Solution

The guide was inspired by the piggies contraptions and themed as an owners manual with funny pig doodles and comments to communicate the playful and cheeky nature of the property. Everything from the brand story to details of character usage, and partnership opportunities, were covered in the guidelines. A fictional brand, Fluffy Marshmallows, was developed to help illustrate how the Bad Piggies I.P. would co-brand with other entities.

Our team worked with local print and packaging vendors to design, produce, and ship over 100 limited edition gift sets for Rovio's summit at Licensing Show.


Also included in each guide was a collection of approved merchandising artwork developed by our team. A photoshoot was directed to provide inspiration for licensing partners developing their own products for the brand.